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Acmewin has been doing in Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)technology and used Mattson Aspen 2 system refurbish for several years. Acmewin has got the advanced plasma  technology in the world. We are specialized in semiconductor and LED process technology & equipment. We focus our clients on the fields of LED, Semiconductors (Front end and Back end), Printed circuit boards (PCB), etc, and provide the key technologies to the rapidly developing semiconductor and LED industry. In order to achieve our goal to keep in the lead of advanced plasma technologies and have a sustainable development, we develop new techniques continuously to improve the performance for our customers. To enhance our R&D ability and competitiveness, we also collaborate with National Nano Device Laboratories to commercialize our R&D results and help our customers to develop the advanced plasma clean, PR stripping, Descum and organic removal process, etc.  .

Acmewin is a R&D based company, which consist of professional teams of plasma technology, precision machinery,
and process integration. We can independently develop semiconductor, packaging and new process technology equipments which including plasma etching, plasma clean and Descum process development. The purpose is to enable our customers not to be limited by foreign expensive equipment & the expense of inferior technology authorization.
At present, our customers mainly rely on imported equipments and technologies, they don’t have the ability to develop their own plasma equipments and not able to provide solutions to their customers who have problems with their process. On the contrary, Acmewin is a team with professional background of plasma, material science and electricity & mechanics; a company with core competency of R&D in ICP technologies . In addition to develop the excellent high vacuum ICP plasma equipment of our self-designed machines, we will build relationships with our customers by providing technical service as our management strategies.

We solve the problems that our customers meet in the process of phot-resist removal ,Descum and plasma clean, etc. Even see their needs in the future plasma process of 6 ~8 inches LED and semiconductor. Thus, we can assist customers to develop the top technologies in the world without relying on foreign expensive equipments. Furthermore, making educational training to customers is also a highlight of our strategies. To enhance customer’s understanding of machine and process, we would like to offer training form the basic theories of plasma and material to electricity & mechanics theories
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